Sunday, June 7, 2009

A day

Just watched 2 episodes of the show 30 Days. Really good show. Learned about outsourcing and got a new perspective and also more religion, atheism vs. Christianity in America. Always good to be open minded, something I need to work on more. Granted I see myself as fairly open minded but still, could always be better.

Morning, got up late, around 10am. Headed downtown with the parents to a cancer survivors event. It was fun, good to see people that happy. I might even have a job set up for next year. Just a gig I guess. Volunteer as well. Goes to a good cause.

I should get to bed. Gotta work on the paper tomorrow, do some interviews and head over to a Village Hall meeting to get back into reporting mode. Work out in the morning, doing some reading now. I'm out.